TRUECORE® steel is a zinc/aluminium alloy coated steel with a distinctive blue resin surface finish, made by BlueScope. 30mm x 0.75mm G550 steel fully complies and meets all R1 to R4 exposure rating as per AS/NZS 2699-1&2, AS/NZS2312 & AS3700. Also known as BLUE STRAPS are available in rolls and stripes.

Code Size Length Form
G550AM1503081.8 30x0.75mm 1.8mtr Strip
G550AM1503082.1 30x0.75mm 2.1mtr Strip
G550AM1503082.4 30x0.75mm 2.4mtr Strip
G550AM1503083.0 30x0.75mm 3.0mtr Strip
G550AM15030815 30x0.75mm 15.0mtr Roll
G550AM15030830 30x0.75mm 30.0mtr Roll

We can make any sizes in any material to your requirement.


Zam Coated steel is a 21st Century material developed by Nisshin Steel of Japan. 25mmx 0.90mm BMP G300 steel complies fully and meets all R1 to R4 Exposure rating as per AS/NZA 2699-1&2, AS/NZS 2312 & AS3700. Zam Strap can be used instead of G316 Stainless steel, Struct-tie and Z600.

Code Size Length Form
HIZAM25091.8 25x0.9mm 1.8mtr Strip
HIZAM25093.0 25x0.9mm 3.0mtr Strip
HIZAM250912.5 25x0.9mm 12.5mtr Roll
HIZAM250930.0 25x0.9mm 25.0mtr Roll