Western Fabrication is a wholly owned West Australian family business with its roots in 1975, and has been serving the WA building trade for over 40 years. Our growth has led us to move in the near future to a purpose built 2600 sq mtrs workshop and warehousing facility. The company has been built on the 4 Key pillars of strength.

1. Experience - The Brand Wesfab is synonymous with builders in WA and our products widely recognised through mainstream trade channels.

2. Reliability – Reliability in the integrity of steel structures is paramount in the building sector and hence out stringent fabricating processes and testing methods.

3. Accessibility – All the Directors are involved in the day to day running of the business and we adopt a very hands on approach and available to our clients.

4. Precision – Exactness and precision in our industry is a must and we are sticklers for detail.

We keep on changing and redesigning products to meet the changing needs of the building industry in WA.